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Doctoral Students

  • Arghya Kamal Bishal 2018 (PhD). (Currently with Intel)
  • Siliang Chang 2018 (PhD). (Currently with Applied Materials)
  • Arman Butt 2015 (PhD). (Currently with Intel)
  • Sathees Kannan Selvaraj 2015 (PhD). (Currently with Intel)
  • Jorge Ivan Rossero, “Atomic Layer Deposited Ceria and Zirconia-based Thin Films for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Applications” June 2014 (PhD). (Currently – Postdoctoral Research Associate at Michigan State University)
  • Yi Yang, “Fabrication of Ferrite Thin Films using Low Pressure Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition” September 2013 (PhD).
  • Runshen Xu, “Atomic Layer Deposited Thin Films for Dielectrics, Semiconductor Passivation, and Solid Oxide Fuel Cells” December 2012 (PhD). (Currently with Intel)
  • Qian Tao, “Atomic Layer Deposition of High-k Dielectric Constant Mixed Oxides and Selective Atomic Layer Deposition of HfO2 and TiO2 using Metal Organic Precursors and H2O” August 2011 (PhD). (Currently with Micron)
  • Lin Jiang, “Enhancement of the Field-Effect Mobility of Solution-Processed Organic Thin Film Transistors by Surface Modification of the Dielectric” November 2009 (PhD). (Currenlty with Nalco)
  • Manish Singh, “MetalorgamicChemical Vapor Deposition of Multiferroic BiFeO3;using a New Precursor Combination” September 2009 (PhD). (Currently with Nalco)
  • Deepthi Gopireddy, “Fabrication of Silicon Nanoparticles using Atomic Layer Epitaxy” December 2008 (PhD). (Currently with Baxter)
  • Prodyut Majumder, “Fundamental studies of diffusion barriers for Cu metallization and atomic layer deposited high-k films” May 2008 (PhD). (Currently with Applied Materials)
  • Lixiao Zeng, “The study of knob formation mechanism in plasmodium-falciparum infected erythrocytes” May 2008 (PhD). (Currently with Nalco)
  • Xuemei Song, “Fundamental Studies of Titania-based High-dielectric Constant Materials” May 2007 (PhD). (currently with Praxair)
  • Amjad Rasul, “Solution Processed High Permittivity Nanocomposite Dielectric for Printed Electronics Applications,” May 2007 (PhD). (Currently with Motorola)
  • Rajesh Katamreddy, “Interfacial & Structural Studies of Atomic Layer Deposited High Dielectric Constant Materials,” April 2007 (PhD). (Currently with American Air Liquide)
  • Anand Deshpande, “MOCVD of Alternative high Dielectric Constant Dielectrics,” May 2005 (PhD). (Currently with Intel)
  • Dong-Un Jin, “Organic Transistors and Self-Assembled Monolayers Based Molecular Electronics,” December 2004 (PhD). (Currently with Samsung)
  • Anindya Dasgupta, “Process Property Structure Relationships of Ultra-Thin Silicon and Silicon-Germanium Oxynitrides,” August 2003 (PhD). (Currently with Intel)
  • Abhijit Roy Chowdhuri, “Ultrathin Silicon Dioxide and Aluminum Oxide on Silicon: Fundamental Studies of the Interface,” May 2003 (PhD). (Currently with Micron)
  • Zhenjiang Cui, “Ozone Oxidation of Si and SiGe in a Rapid Thermal Processing System Using FTIR Spectroscopy and Goniometry,” December 2000 (PhD). (Currently with Applied Materials)
  • Sanjit S. Dang, “Fundamental Studies on Ultra-Thin Oxynitrides and Nitrides of Silicon and Silicon-Germanium,” August 2000 (PhD). (Currently with Intel)
  • Ho Yeung Harry Chan, “Interfacial Chemistry on Transition Metals in Gaseous and Electrochemical Environments as Probed by Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy” (jointly with Prof. M.J. Weaver), December 1999 (PhD). (Currently in Hong Kong); [From Purdue]
  • Shannon Chen, “Chloropentafluoroethane Plasma Chemistry and its Effects on the Etch Rates of Silicon Germanium and Silicon Dioxide,” May 1996 (MS), December 1999 (PhD); [From Purdue]
  • Christopher Williams, “Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy as an In Situ Real-Time Probe of Heterogeneous Catalytic Reactions” (jointly with Prof. M.J. Weaver), December 1997 (PhD). (Currently Professor at the University of South Carolina, SC)[From Purdue]
  • I-Ming Ryan Lee, “Selective Epitaxial Growth of Silicon-Germanium by a Tubular Hot-Wall Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition System,” August 1994 (MS), May 1997 (PhD). (Currently with Intel)[From Purdue]
  • Christopher Panczyk, “Emission Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy as an In Situ Probe of Silicon Chemical Vapor Deposition at High Gas Pressures,” December 1993 (MS), August 1996 (PhD). (Currently with Sumitomo)[From Purdue]
  • Anish Tolia, “Raman Spectroscopic Characterization of Transition Metal Surfaces in Heterogeneous Catalytic Reactors” (jointly with Prof. M.J. Weaver). May 1995 (PhD). (Currently with Applied Materials)[From Purdue]
  • R. Ravi, “Fundamental Theoretical Studies of Gas Phase and Surface Kinetics in the Chemical Vapor Deposition of Microelectronic Materials,” December 1986 (MS), August 1991 (PhD). (Currently Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras)[From Purdue]
  • In-Hwan Oh, “Modeling of Epitaxial Silicon Growth in Pancake Chemical Vapor Deposition Reactors,” May 1991 (PhD). (Currently with K.A.I.S.T.)[From Purdue]
  • Todd Wilke, “Kinetic and Spectroscopic Studies of Heterogeneous Catalytic Reactions,” December 1990 (PhD). (Currently with Applied Materials)[From Purdue]
  • Ipokratis Polizopoulos, “Nonlinear Phenomena in Chemically Reacting Systems,” August 1989 (PhD). (Currently with Mobil)[From Purdue]
  • Peter J. Nowobilski, “Silver Catalyzed Ethylene Epoxidation: Novel Approaches to Mechanistic Studies,” December 1983 (MS), May 1986 (PhD). (Currently with BP)[From Purdue]

Masters Students

  • Thyagarajan Saravanan, “Unified Chemical Model for the Oxidation of Silicon Using Ozone,” April 2007 (MS). (Currently with Poly-Carb, Inc.)
  • Meera Mathew, “Optimization of a Method for Estimating the Lead Concentration Curve of the X-Ray Fluorescence Instrument,” June 2006 (MS). (Currently with Huron Consulting Group)
  • Javier Rosado, “Simulation of Electron Energy-Loss Spectra and Investigation of Si Epitaxial Growth using Quantum Mechanics,” May 2006 (MS). (Currently with Air Products)
  • Sayeeram Pillur Mahadevan, “Fundamental Studies on Ultra Thin Silicon Oxynitrides and Aluminum Oxides,” May 2004 (MS). (Currently with Wyvil Systems)
  • Sukanya Murali, “Experimental and Modeling Studies on the Chemical Vapor Deposition of Tantalum Oxide,” May 2003 (MS). (Currently with Cabot)
  • Ehab M. Samuel, “CFDRC Simulation: Using the Software for Semiconductor Fabrication Processes,” May 2002 (MS). (Lawyer on the East Coast)
  • Sanjeev Bhawsinka, “Reaction Pathway for Non-Selective Reduction of Nitric Oxide by Carbon Monoxide on Cu-ZSM5 Catalysts: An in-situ Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopic and Mass Spectrometric study,” May 2000 (MS). (Currently with TAMKO, MD)
  • Jonathan Madsen, “Ultra Thin Films: Oxidation of Si(100) and SiGe Alloys in O2 and O3 Environments,” December 1999 (MS). (Currently with Boxer Cross, CA)
  • Laura Salvarini “Novel Reactor Design and its Implementation for In Situ Heterogeneous Catalytic Studies at High Pressures,” December 1998 (MS). (Currently with Kraft)
  • Shri Singhvi, “Process – Property Relationships in Furnace Silicon Oxynitridation in Nitrous Oxide Ambients,” May 1997 (MS). (Currently with Applied Materials)[From Purdue]
  • Hsing-Chun Julia Hsieh, “Fundamental Studies of Hydrogen Passivated Silicon (100) Surfaces.” December 1995. (Currently with Intel)[From Purdue]
  • Kaine Mordaunt, “Experimental and Modelling Studies of Selective and Nonselective Epitaxial Growth of Silicon-Based Thin Films in a Pancake Reactor,” May 1992 (MS). (Currently with Boeing)[From Purdue]
  • Mark M. Kastelic, “Experimental and Modeling Studies of the Selective Epitaxial Growth of Silicon from the Chemical Vapor Deposition of Dichlorosilane,” December 1988 (MS). (Currently with Intel)[From Purdue]
  • Antonios Mikos, (jointly with N.A. Peppas) “Kinetic Modeling of Suspension Copolymerization/Crosslinking Reactions,” May 1985 (MS). (Currently Professor at Rice University, TX)[From Purdue]
  • Rajesh M. Agny, “Catalytic Synthesis of Methanol from CO ands H2 over a Copper-Zinc Oxide-Alumina Catalyst,” August 1984 (MS). (Currently with Intel)[From Purdue]

Post-Doctoral Associates

  • Naushad Kizhakevariam, “Novel Approaches to Catalysis.” (jointly with Prof. M.J. Weaver) (November 1993 – May 1994)
  • Sang-Jin Moon, “Microelectronic Materials Research.” (May 1992 – May 1993)