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From Spaldin & Fiebig, Science 309:391 (2005). Reprinted with permission from AAAS.
Magnetoelectric multiferroics are materials in which ferromagnetism and ferroelectricity occur simultaneously in the same phase and allow coupling between the ferromagnetic and ferroelectric phase.
Integration of multiferroic materials on semiconductor substrates would lead to on-chip integration of very important components of advanced devices: 1) magnetics and 2) ferroelectrics.
Most of the known single phase bulk magnetoelectric materials do not exhibit strong magnetoelectric coupling. But large magnetoelectric effects have been discovered in composites, laminates and more recently in nanostructured materials. In this NSF-NIRT project, our efforts are focused on developing nanostructures of these artificial multilayered magnetoelectric materials to achieve increased functionality in advanced nano-devices. This is one of the first interdisciplinary efforts to investigate nano-epitaxy (by 3 different techniques), theoretical modeling, and detailed magneto-electric measurements in magneto-electric nanostructures in thin film or nanopillar/nanowire form.
From Zheng et al, Science 303:661 (2004). Reprinted with permission from AAAS.